Vernon Hills High School - Fine Arts

Private Lessons

We strongly encourage all VHHS music students to take private lessons, whether here at the high school with one of our private string teaching staff, or outside the school at a local music academy or private studio.  Lessons at VHHS may be scheduled before school, after school, during lunch/study, or during music class. 

Why Take Private Lessons?

  • Students that participate in private lessons excel at a higher level and are very motivated. 
  • Obvious benefits: “to get better,” “to do well on my next playing test,” “to receive a scholarship,” “to become first chair,” “to get into youth orchestra,” “to make it into ILMEA”. 
  • Less obvious benefits: “learning to solve problems independently,” “learning to work within timelines to complete projects,” “learning to cope with stress,” “learning how to get back on the horse after we fall off,” “learning how to take pride in an accomplishment,” and “learning how to work as a member of a team”.
  • Allows students a chance to work individually and directly with a teacher, at their own rate of progress, with the process of learning.

A list of private lesson teachers for each department can be found by clicking the following links:

Band Lessons

Orchestra Lessons

Choir Lessons